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23 Jun 2009

All your travel details - just one click away!

It is our pleasure to inform you that starting June 23rd, 2009 Amadeus Check My Trip introduced two new features:

- detailed information about your E-ticket
- information about your flight status

E-Ticket Tab

The first feature allows you to see more details regarding your  electronic ticket and displayed by CheckMyTrip. These details can be viewed by clicking the "E-ticket receipt" tab in the upper corner of the itinerary;

Flight Status Info

Your normal itinerary will display the "Current Flight Status" link to help you visualize the operational flight status of the flight (only when this information is available).

Please note that the information regarding your flight status are available on the day of your departure only and are not published by all airline companies.

The itinerary can be printed or sent via e-mail. The passenger can also find useful tools like: currency and metric convectors, route planning, maps, info about restaurants, airports etc.

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