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28 Aug 2012

Paravion wants to expand its operations on three more European markets

The online travel agency is about to expand its online business on three more European countries, after a recent launch of their platform in Cyprus and Bulgaria, declared for Remus Visan, deputy managing director of Paravion Tour.

Therefore, the agency will expand in Spain, Italy and Hungary

“As for expanding operations, we’ve already made the first steps by launching the platform in Bulgaria – and in Cyprus – Spain, Italy and Hungary come next. Due to massive investments in technology and personnel, we are prepared to show that there is no difference between a Romanian business and a business from a country with a mature market”, added Remus Visan.
According to him, the Cyprus market offers interesting opportunities for, taking into account that the full potential of online travel services has not been reached for the island of Aphrodite. “We are encouraged by the excellent position of this island, at the crossroads between Europe and the Asia, by the close distance to Romania, by the lack of railway infrastructure, by the living standards of the Cypriot people and by the tourists and their spending habits. Besides, air travel is a common thing for the Cypriots and the business community in Cyprus”.
Visan mentioned that there are about 200 associated travel agencies today.
He also added that guarantees the security of their transactions by using 45 safety filters specially developed by PayU.
“In the first quarter of this year we saw a 25% increase in flight bookings, compared to the same period in 2011. We expect an ascending trend as the third quarter is a very busy period for our online travel agency. The best sellers were the flight tickets, the city-breaks and the charter packages”, declared Remus Visan.
“We estimate a 30% growth for flight tickets and a 25-35% growth for charter packages”, he also added.
The most wanted destinations
The top destinations of this year, in terms of flight bookings, were Istanbul, London, Vienna, Madrid and Budapest, while Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Prague and Barcelona were on the top last year.
As for the city-break packages, the tourists booked on cities like Prague, Vienna, Berlin, Lisbon or Tenerife.
According to Remus Visan, the online travel market in Romania can accommodate other competitors as well, but “for a travel agency to be truly competitive, investments must be made and this will slow down the rise of new important agencies, at least until the difficult economic period is over. By that time, we hope to see an improvement of the living standards in Romania and people overcame their fears concerning online transactions using a credit card”.
In 2010, Happy Tour, owned by GED Capital, acquired the online portal from Millennium Tour. Following this transaction, Paravion Tour was founded, now member of Happy Tour Group.

Happy Tour Group had a consolidated turnover of 57 million euro in 2011, while in 2010 they reported a 43 million euro turnover.

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